Costa Maya, Mexico on Your Own: What You Need to Know

If you’ve been considering visiting Costa Maya, Mexico, on your own, you will be joined by thousands of like-minded tourists who flock to this emerging cruise ship port during the cold winter months. Perhaps you’re the type of person who enjoys spending some quality time by yourself and prefers to stretch out in the sun on a palm tree-lined beach. Costa Maya is the perfect place to do just that or any other activity your heart desires. But before you plan your trip, there are some things you need to know.


The Costa Maya area is a mecca for international tourists and renowned as being one of the safest regions of Mexico. Still, it is wise to use sensible precautions during your stay. It is advisable not to wear expensive jewelry or get drunk to the point that you are not aware of your surroundings. Although the “Drug Wars” that have made Mexico infamous have received a considerable amount of press coverage, keep in mind that the country’s worst areas for crime are far away from Costa Maya and similar tourist zones. Most buses will store your luggage safely in compartments, but it is worth carrying any valuables with you if possible and to be wary of pickpockets, especially when you’re on the beach. One final word of advice: after you clear customs/immigration and have your bags, head straight outside and look for your tour company to get on the bus. There are hawkers both inside and outside of the airport. While not dangerous, they can be pushy and irritating.


Costa Maya has resorts that cater to all manner of tourists – including solo travelers. Many, such as the Hideaway Playacar, and the El Dorado Maroma, are high-end resorts that feature topnotch food, service, and even entertainment.

Getting around

Costa Maya is in the Yucatan Peninsula region and has a fairly modern transportation system. Most towns and cities have bus services that connect to various areas. Taxis cost about the equivalent of U.S. $8. If you want to take a longer journey – or to go to and from the airport – it is recommended to take an ADO.

Costa Maya port

As previously stated, Costa Maya is one of the largest cruise ship destinations in Central America. The town is located two hours away from Cancun and the port itself has the capacity to accommodate three ships at once.

Things to do

You’ve already learned some practical information regarding traveling to Costa Maya on your own. By now, you’re most likely wondering about the things you can do while you’re on vacation. Costa Maya is showcased some of the finest relics left from the ancient Mayan and Spanish Colonial periods. If you’re in the mood to shop, the town has three grand pavilions and hundreds of little shops and businesses selling everything under the sun – no pun intended. Rent some scuba diving gear and spend an afternoon exploring the area’s awesome coral reefs or go with a tour group into the thick jungles that surround Costa Maya. There is no shortage of activities to keep you occupied during your holiday!