The Best of Bali’s Beaches: Dreamland Beach VS Padang Padang

When visiting the Indonesian island of Bali, it can be a daunting task deciding which beach to visit. Do you go to – Padang Padang or Dreamland? Both are gorgeous – among the best tourist beaches in Southeast Asia. Furthermore, there are many things to love about these two hotspots in the tropical sun. While Dreamland beach in recent years has become known for being more commercialized and crowded with tourists and surfers, Padang is renowned for its relaxed atmosphere and awesome calm waters for swimming.

Dreamland Beach

As the name suggests, Dreamland Beach is absolutely beautiful. It should come as no surprise that this small place is well-visited. If you’re into crowds and meeting lots of new people, Dreamland Beach is for you.

White sand and traders

When you arrive at Dreamland Beach, you’re greeted by white sand and turquoise water that is surrounded by massive cliffs. You may very well also encounter the dozens of traders who make their living selling all manner of small items and trinkets, mainly to western tourists.

Large crowds and surfing at the southern end

There’s a lot going on at this end of the beach. People from all over are in the water swimming, surfing and just on the beach laying about in the hot sun. keep in mind that Dreamland Beach has reputation for high waves so it’s best to exercise caution. Fortunately, a crew of rescue swimmers is always on duty. If you’re hungry, there are dozens of vendors and small restaurants that sell a variety of local specialties as well as western favorites.

The northern end

If you desire peace and relaxation away from those tourist crowds, you should head for the northern end of Dreamland Beach. Here, the beach has a more natural look, with big rocks spread throughout the white sand. There are few signs of commercialism here.

Padang Padang

As previously stated, Padang is a departure from Dreamland Beach. Despite its status as a swimming beach, Padang Padang is never usually that crowded.

Bare bones/non-commercial

With peace and tranquility comes fewer amenities. You will not find any parasols or sun loungers here. There are no waters sports activities, although you may bring your own surfboard or an umbrella to lay underneath. However, there are decent-priced restaurants and accommodations in nearby towns. Depending on the time of year you visit – it is possible to swim or merely sit in small puddles of water that have been left from the tide going out.

Features and amenities of Padang Padang

Keep in mind that you may have to pay a small fee for using the washroom facilities. Additionally, there is a small $6.00 fee to enter the beach. There are usually a few vendors on sight (or within walking distance) who serve cheap but delicious food.

The water is very clean, as is the beach itself. During your stay in Bali, there will be days when you want to hang with the crowds at the more popular beaches such as Dreamland, but on other days you’ll simply want to escape the noise and bustle of the local tourist scene to relax. Padang is the place to do just that.

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