Myanmar (Burma): Places to Visit that You Just Can’t Miss

Burma (also known as Myanmar) is an ancient land of majestic mountains, dense, dark jungles, old Buddhist temples, and bustling cities. There are so hundreds of popular places to visit in Myanmar. With these qualities going for it, there’s little wonder millions of people visit the Southeast Asian country every year.

The tourism industry in Myanmar has been booming since the country transitioned from a military dictatorship to a democracy a decade ago. Here are some of the best places in Burma to visit if you’re planning to take a vacation!


Buddhist and Hindu temples and hot air balloons. Not exactly two things you’d expect to find in the same location. When you visit Bagan, you’ll see endless temple spires that appear the pierce the city’s skyline. Surrounding the site are tropical forests. In the background are the Arakan Mountains. Hot air balloon rides take you up and over the area for a fantastic view. Everything about Bagan says beauty and ancient history. Definitely a must-see place on your list.