Tropical Vacation in Japan: All About Okinawa Beaches

When most people think of Japan, the first thought that comes to mind is of bustling, crowded Tokyo, Mount Fuji, as well as the East Asian nation’s vast array of historic castles and Buddhist temples. But Japan has a tropical side – one that is becoming increasingly popular with tourists. Okinawa, the southernmost island in Japan, has close to 100 gorgeous beaches where you can relax in the hot tropical sunshine. This guide will give you information about the trendiest and most-visited beaches on the island.

Kondoi Beach

You will have to take a short ferry ride from Okinawa to get to Taketomi Island. Kondoi Beach is isolated from the bustling tourist areas. But that is a big draw in and among itself. This is a great beach to just relax on and reflect. Splash in the calm, shallow waters or go for a short hike. Kondoi may not be suitable for diving or snorkeling or any water activities, but merely the quiet and sereneness of the area should be enough to entice you there.