Making the Most of a Singapore Stopover: Insider Tips

For such a small island nation, Singapore has endless tourist attractions and unique sights to enjoy. If you plan to spend two days in the city-state between flying to destinations in Southeast Asia or Australia, you’ll never be bored. Here are some tips for making your Singapore stopover an experience you’ll never forget.

Day 1

Visit Singapore National Botanic Gardens

Some tourists have stated that they began their Singapore stopover with a trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Singapore National Botanic Gardens, but not before going for breakfast at the nearby Tiong Bahru Market.

The gardens have a rich history in this former British colony dating back over two centuries. While you strong through this lush area, you will see rainforest that has been preserved.

Check Out Little India

Here’s an exciting district that is home to many members of one of Singapore’s largest ethnic groups – Indians. As you stroll through the streets, you will see many Hindu temples, shops, and restaurants. You can reach Little India from Singapore Botanical Gardens by the metro line.

How about a little retail therapy?

Yes, if shopping is your thing, you’ll also find much to love in Singapore. The massive shopping mall known as Mustafa has four floors and hundreds of stores. There’s something here for everybody.

Check out some local history

By late afternoon, you might be feeling like taking in some of the local cultures. The Singapore National Museum, as well as the city’s historic British colonial houses and forts, are popular attractions. Perhaps you’re in the mood to do some more exploring before you retire to your hotel suite for the evening. The Orchid Hot House and SkyTree walk give the feeling of being in a humid rainforest environment.

Day 2

Stroll along Merlion Bay

Once you’ve been refreshed from a good night’s sleep, a great way to start your day is by walking along the boardwalk at Merlion Bay. Merlions – mythical statues – have become the city’s mascot.

Visit popular city markets

In addition to being a nation that’s easy to get around on by subway, Singapore also has many markets that are bristling with vendors and customers buying and selling everything under the sun. The Bugis Street Market is open from early in the morning until late at night.

See Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay feels like a fantasy world with thousands of electric sunflowers and ‘Supertrees’ that are 16 stories high and light up in many vibrant colors. This is a great place to go if you’re traveling with children.

Visit Kampong Glam

If you have time to see one more attraction before getting your flight, you should really check out the Kampong Glam. What began as a primarily Muslim conservative Muslim neighborhood has in recent years became one of the most vibrant (and young) districts of Singapore. These days, there are countless chic shops, boutiques, and upscale, trendy restaurants.