6 Actually Cool Things to Do in Limerick, Ireland


Amongst Irish cities, Limerick is truly a gem. Set amongst emerald–green hills and fields, Limerick offers some of the best (and quirkiest) aspects of Irish culture. There are lots of cool things to do in Limerick, while you’re there.

The Big Breakfast


The Irish are known for their fondness of eating a hearty breakfast to start off the day. At Canteen, a restaurant in the heart of Limerick, the big meal on the menu first thing in the morning is Green Eggs and Ham. Green Eggs and Ham costs a mere €8.50 and you get poached eggs with avocado and chili sauce completed with fresh bacon.

King John’s Castle


King John – that villainous rogue who fought off the attempts of English barons to institute the Magna Carta and the rule of law, had this massive fortress built in 1210. Now, while you’re not likely to see any real medieval battles between English knights and Irish rebels, there are interactive exhibits, costumed actors, and artifacts from the era including tools, cutlery, and weapons.

Anybody up for some rugby?


While on the topic of history, it’s worth mentioning that rugby has a long and storied history in this part of Ireland. Out of all of the Irish teams, Munster Rugby is the most revered. Thomond Park is the legendary venue where this team has played since time immemorial. Take in a match or explore the small attached museum where there are wax figures of the greats of the game, including Paul O’Connell.

The Hunt Museum


Here’s another cool thing to do in Limerick you may have overlooked. It should be noted that Limerick was designated as Ireland’s first national City of Culture in 2014 and has since lived up to this. Local and international works of art, as well as photography exhibits, are on display inside the 19th–century walls of the Hunt Museum. There’s also a little café on the premises. If you’re traveling with children, they can play in the massive playground. Overall, this is a place you won’t want to miss.

Terra Nova Fairy Garden


Yes, there are some elements of Irish folklore and culture that are truly unique to the rest of the world. And belief in fairies is one of them. Step into a magical fantasy world where children and adults alike can explore and feel free amongst the small statues of fairies and cute-looking fairy houses. There are paths through the enchanted forest and a gift shop where you can buy souvenirs of your time in this cool tourist attraction.

Cliffs of Moher


The Cliffs of Moher can only be described as ‘awe-inspiring.’ These natural wonders are located in southwestern Ireland, not far from Limerick. They rise 120 meters above the stormy and rough Atlantic Ocean at Hag’s Head and run for 14 kilometers along the jagged coastline. While here, check out O’Brien’s Tower, a round stone tower built in 1835 by Sir Cornelius O’Brien.

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